Food Options

Meals Under 500 Calories at Chick-Fil-A

By: Lyndsay

If you’re stuck in a fast food drive thru, I’m probably the gold van behind you. Hopefully, no one recognizes us as we drive away using our knees to operate the steering wheel so we can throw food to our kids in the back seat like their seals. That hardly leaves hands to eat a salad. I’m all about eating a healthy salad, but sometimes you need a meal that doesn’t require utensils. Below are some meal options (mostly) under 500 calories to help us meet our calorie goals while simultaneously helping us make it to soccer on time.


Helpful Hint: Don’t drink your calories and limit your sauces.



1) 8 ct grilled nugget (140) + small fry (310) + BBQ (45) = 495 calories
(This one is my favorite!)

2) 6 ct regular nuggets (200) + small fry (310) = 510 calories

3) Grilled chicken cool wrap (350) + fruit cup (50) = 400 calories

4) Grilled chicken sandwich (310) + chick-fil-a sauce (140) = 450 calories

5) Regular chicken sandwich (440) + BBQ (45) = 485 calories


What do you think? Any recommendations for low calorie/healthy-ish meals from Chick-fil-A? Leave a comment!