Momma Minutes

So You’re Thinking about Raising Chickens…

By: Kendra Hoffbauer

         Ahhh chickens! The idealist and romantic in me envisions beautiful coops, rolling pastures, and the only alarm clock I need is a handsome rooster announcing to the world it is another enchanted day.  Well, as a small family farm that does indeed raise chickens I can tell you that our coop is seriously make-shift, our pastures while beautiful could stand to be mowed and we have zero roosters (my iPhone works just fine as an alarm clock). BUT, here are my top five reasons why chickens are 100% worth raising no matter where you are…

5.) They eat ticks and other bugs you may not want to share your space with.

Seriously, we had a major tick problem the first year on our farm.  Now that the chickens roam free I have spotted ONE…on our dog!

4.) They are Low Maintenance.

The most time spent with them is when they are young and making sure they are happy in their brooder.  But, once 6-8 weeks rolls around they are independent helpers on your homestead/backyard. Clean water, feed ( you’ll need less of this in the summer if they are free ranging, and coop for them to sleep. 20 minutes in our experience is all it takes!

3.) Healthy, Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

There is something so very satisfying about raising your own chickens to provide nutrient dense food for your family.  We take care of them and they take care of us (and our garden) by providing us with the best tasting egg you will ever eat!

2.) So of course that leads to FRESH EGGS

Our pasture raised eggs are without question superior to any organic grocery store egg you will find.  The yolks are big, rich and dark because of the fresh bugs, grass and sunshine the girls take in every single day.  Even if you can’t let them loose in your backyard your eggs will be healthier and better tasting than any store-bought egg!

1.) Education for us and our kids

Our kids know how to care for the chickens. They know how to clean a coop, determine if a chick is comfortable in a brooder, what ‘molting’ means and are taking charge of their own “Egg Business”.  We learn everyday better ways to make something more efficient. We have failed and we have learned.  We will fail again and we’ll write down why so we can keep growing and keep learning.

Kendra Hoffbauer is the wife/mama/owner of WILD H Family Farm in Statesville, NC. She homeschools her 5 children and a baby boy coming in November. Kendra loves books, family health and wellness and hiking. Find her on Instagram @wildhfamilyfarm