Hi! I’m Lyndsay.

There are 1440 minutes in a day and most days I barely find time for a shower. I have a 5 year old, 4 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old who keep me busy. I no longer have huge chunks of time to devote to working out, reading a book or spending time with God. I seem to have disjointed time spans of 5 minutes that I inefficiently use for my social media stalking. But what if I was more intentional with my 5 minutes in the car line or my 5 minutes while making dinner?

When you subscribe, you will receive one devotion via email on Monday and a “Momma Minute” on Friday. Devotions are 1 minute reads to refocus and encourage you to be the mom that God designed you to be. Momma Minutes are ideas from me and other mommas to help us be better mommas with our time, money and effort. It’s a safe place for moms to post thoughts about mom life. I promise not to give out or sell your email address because that’s weird and creepy.

Fun facts about me:

– Married for 12 years to my huz, Scott. We met at band camp orientation in college. Bring on the jokes.

– I received my Bachelor Degree in nursing and am a RN. I am choosing to stay at home, but my nursing degree still comes in handy for those boo boos and runny noses. But mostly, it just makes me a well meaning hypochondriac.

– Born and raised near Nashville, TN.

– I wouldn’t consider myself athletic at all, but I enjoy athletic challenges like running a marathon, biking over weekend and rowing competitions. I’m always looking for the next challenge.

– I genuinely enjoy getting together with friends, and especially other mommas.

– I really really love to study about, struggle with, think about, pray to and walk in relationship with my Lord, Jesus.