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7 Tips for a Streak-Free Sunless Tan

When going to the beach or pool, we would all love a flawless natural looking tan. My friend Sara has it and shares some tips on how to use Sunless Tanner without streaking or turning orange. Here they are:

By: Sara R.

1) Type of lotion matters- you may need to experiment a little here before you find your perfect fit. A gradual tanner is going to help you look more natural if you’re doing this at home! I have heard great things about a few products, but the one I use is easily accessible at the store and inexpensive. I would recommend using sunless tanner appropriate for your skin tone. Choosing one for darker skin tones will most likely give you a very fake look!


2) Exfoliating before your first application will help the lotion to go on evenly. If you use a gradual tanner, you can continue with your regular shower routines and I have not found it to affect the look of the sunless tanner.


3) Mix your face moisturizer with a little bit of sunless tanning lotion to add a little color that blends naturally with the rest of your “tan”!


4) Add regular lotion around your elbows, knees, ankle bones, and any areas where sunless tanner could pool and leave you with splotches of brown before applying sunless danner. Avoid applying sunless tanner to the tops of your hands and feet– those areas soak up the sunless tanner and you are likely not going to get it on evenly enough for a natural look. Be sure and wash your hands and get between your fingers after you apply!


5) START SLOW! I like a gradual tanner so you don’t end up looking like a streaky tan zebra for a week. Just apply as you would lotion. I like to get an amount in my hands that would cover “matching” body parts- as in, enough for both my legs and do both at the same time, attempting to apply an even amount. Just like starting slow- once you achieve a light natural glow, you don’t need to apply daily. At home sunless tanner will never make you look like you just got back from a week at the Caribbean on the daily so just shoot for “one day on the lake” glow!


6) The brand I prefer only needs to dry about as long as regular lotion. That being said, I do still plan on applying only when I can dry for about 5 minutes without running after a toddler!


7) Once dry, you’re good to go!