Momma Minutes

3 Ways to Talk About God Daily with Your Preschooler

By: Lyndsay Crews

Didn’t have time today for a family devotion? Here are three ways to incorporate God into our daily tasks as moms with preschoolers.

  1. Car Time: Turn off phone, radio, and DVD player. As you drive by things, say something like, “I see a tree. Thank you God for trees.” (sun, dogs, rain, etc.) Pretty soon, your child will catch on and he/she can find things to be thankful for too.
  2. Hear a siren?…Pray. When you hear the siren of a fire truck, ambulance, etc., stop what you’re doing and say, “Someone’s in trouble. We should pray for them.” Pray out loud for the person injured and the firemen (or professional) to help them. (Idea credit to my friend, Janet)
  3. Bath Time: While washing your children, talk to them about putting on the armor of God as you bathe each body part mentioned. It makes bath time more interesting and they memorize scripture in the process. Win, win. (Ephesians 6:14-17) For example:
  • Wash head – Say “Let’s wash your helmet of salvation.”
  • Wash chest – Say “Now your breastplate of righteousness.”
  • Wash tummy – “Buckle of truth buckled around your waist.”
  • Wash arms – Have them make a pretend shield. “Shield of faith.”
  • Wash down the rest of the body to the feet – “Feet fitted for readiness.”
  • Sword – At the end of bath time, let them make a pretend sword with their hands. “Sword of the Spirit.”