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The Ironman Triathlon

By: Lyndsay Crews

As women, we don’t always have a great track record of lifting each other up.

Recently, I completed a half Ironman Triathlon. It was 70.3 miles of swimming, bicycling, and running. The Georgia sun was hot and by mile 2 on the run (the last segment), I was mentally done. That’s when I met Flo. We ended up running together from mile 2 and finished the race together at mile 13.1. Flo was an answer to prayer and helped me finish the race stronger than if I were by myself.

I started thinking about all the people it took to finish the race: water volunteers, swim coaches, training buddies, family support, etc. In 2 Timothy, Paul said “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race.” But in the verses following, Paul talks about the people who either helped him on his race or deserted him. Just like Paul’s “friends”, we are either hurting or helping someone run their personal spiritual race.

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Galatians 6:10

Paul struggled in his race and talked about how other people helped him when things became hard. We need each other and you might be the answered prayer someone needs in their personal spiritual race. Look around at the people God has placed in your life and ask God to show you how you can help them.