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Anyone Else Have Stressful Mornings?

By: Lyndsay Crews

Anyone else have stressful mornings? I was already running behind because my baby #4 woke up late, which meant I started breastfeeding late. My 2 oldest children wet their beds, and I now needed to change sheets. Those things were added to the usual morning joys of getting 4 kids dressed, getting breakfast, finding backpacks and throwing everyone in the car. Well, you know how it goes. And to make matters a little more fun, when I say “It’s time to leave,” I’m pretty sure my youngest kid hears “It’s time to poop!” Finally, we make it to the car. I was running late (thanks to the poorly timed diaper change) and frazzled. While speeding..ahem, I mean driving..down the road, I hear an unprompted “thank you, Mommy” from my oldest son. My heart melted and somehow in that moment it made the morning chaos worth it. 

When was the last time you spontaneously thanked God? Not just saying thank you the last time He answered your prayers with a yes, but the last time you realized how much God takes care of you and your family daily. Just like our kids take us for granted, we often don’t appreciate our Heavenly Father who takes care of us constantly.

“I will give thanks to you Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” – Psalms 9:1

Sometimes in the chaos and struggle of life, I don’t have a thankful heart. But I want to. Let’s start thanking God right now for even the small things He has given us. Our car, our house, we woke up this morning, our bed, our kids, etc. We need to say it out loud so that our children will know of His wonderful deeds.