Momma Minutes

Working Sports Mom

By: Kris

The weather is starting to get warmer and the birds are singing.  That can mean only one thing….spring/summer sports.  Hi. My name is Kris and I’m a full time working sports mom with a great husband, a head strong and independent 9 year old daughter, and a wild 6 year old son.  I work full time as a manager at a Fortune 40 company by day, but two to three nights a week someone has a practice or a game and they both have games or practices on Saturday. I love my life, but I’m busy and it’s hard to keep it all together. Here are some suggestions on how to manage being a sports Mom.

  1. Check their equipment bag on Sunday to ensure it has all necessary items.  Make sure when they are finished with their equipment, it goes in their bag instead of in the trunk or backseat.  You will miss something if it is not in their bag.  I’ve shown up to practice missing hats, cleats, etc.  Talk about feeling  like a bad Mom.
  2. Pack a snack in your lunch bag.  I’ve had to stop at a gas station multiple times because I’ve forgotten a snack.  Therefore, I pack a snack and put it in my lunch bag so I won’t forget it.  DON’T FORGET A WATER BOTTLE!
  3. Make sure their equipment is in the CORRECT car the night before.  I say the correct car because I have shown up to practice with my son, but had my daughter’s equipment.  Again, I feel like a bad Mom.  On Sunday, figure out which parent is going to take what child to practice so you can plan for the week.
  4. Pack their practice outfits/uniform the night before and throw it in the car.  I used to set them out on a the bench by the back door, but I have forgotten it too many times.  To save time, have the kids change clothes at home or at school.  This prevents them changing clothes while you drive to practice or in the car at the ball field.


Bonus Dinner Ideas:

– If only one child has practice then one parent comes home and starts dinner with the goal of having it ready by the time practice is over.

– On nights when both of them have practice / game, we select something easy for dinner and try to have it done the night before.  Then all we need to do is warm it up (eg: spaghetti or a casserole).

– I have to admit there are nights we all have cereal.


If you can plan a little ahead, you will pay more attention to the game instead of worrying about tomorrow.