Momma Minutes

No Tech Tuesday

By: Lyndsay Crews

I had visions of breaking my husband’s phone. And honestly, if it didn’t cost so much money, I probably would have done it. The whole “checking the email” on the phone after work hours was and is annoying. We had a very predictable routine after the kids went to bed. First, clean up dinner as quickly as possible so we could both sink into the couch, exhausted. Second, we would get on our phones immediately or silently watch our latest T.V. show binge session, then go to bed. If we did talk, it was usually “adulting”—handling logistics with kids schedules or the dreaded family budget. Nothing kills romance like a family budget discussion. We were sitting in the same room as each other, but barely having a real conversation. We needed a change, and that’s how No Tech Tuesday began. (It was actually my husband’s idea.)

No Tech Tuesday is one night a week, my husband and I turn off cell phones, T.V., computers and all other electronics. (We chose Tuesday because I love alliteration.) In place of electronics, we play a board game or talk about our days. All other evenings are fair game for electronics again. Our marriage connection and communication improved and I’m thankful.

Keys to Making ‘No Tech Tuesday’ Work:


  1. You and your husband both need to be on board with the boundaries of “No Tech Tuesday” (or whatever night you choose). If you force your spouse into it, you won’t reap the benefits…you will probably reap bitterness.
  1. Start with only one night a week. If it continues to go well, talk about adding another night without electronics.
  1. After a successful “No Tech Tuesday”, tell your spouse how much you enjoyed the time and conversation with them.