Momma Minutes

Using Spray Paint to Update an Old Dining Room Chandelier

I’m not big into DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects. In fact, I often boast on how good I am for the economy since I buy everything I need. But one day, I was complaining about my outdated gold dining room chandelier to my interior design friend, Melissa (She’s brilliant.). I asked her opinion about the $140 chandelier I planned on buying and she said, “You know you can paint your old one for like $5 right?” I was skeptical, but she was right!


Updating your chandelier…Good bye 1995!


Step 1: Take down your old chandelier.


 Step 2: Take the light bulbs out and stuff holes with pieces of rolled up paper towel. (Prevents paint from getting in the holes)


Step 3: Clean your light fixture with damp paper towels. Note: Whatever you paint on there (i.e. dust, dirt) will stay there.


Step 4:Lay down newspaper or a cloth to protect your garage floor.


Step 5: Depending on weather, hang the chandelier from a high point either in the garage or on an outside tree.


Step 6: Test your spray paint on cardboard to see how it will cover the chandelier. Then, spray the chandelier covering all of it evenly. Note: Sometimes you have to do 2 coats.


Step 7: Leave to dry for the amount of time designated on back of spray paint can.

This is the spray paint we used.


Step 8: Re-hang the chandelier, put the lights back in and enjoy!


Helpful Hints:

  1. Get an oversized button up shirt to button over top of your normal clothes. It’s super convenient. But wear shoes you don’t care about.
  2. We bought a new chain instead of spray painting the old chain. Melissa is a genius.